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ALEAN products operation training

On October 24th,ALEAN group’s employees have an installation and commissioning training against infrared beam detector and infrared fence. In the  training,  technician and trainees all practicing together. After more than two hours of efforts, these two infrared detector training courses have an successful completion.  

According to the training program, the training is divided into the installation commissioning of infrared beam detector and infrared fence , pulsed the operation of home alarm system and sub-line host,wiring and operation of the four parts of the bus master.In the next training,employees were divided into three groups with one captain and two technical guidances.It aimed to complete the installation and commissioning work independeently,staff all have strong curiosity to participate in practice operations.   

ALEAN’s infrared barrier used in all digital conversion, free synchronous cable and other advanced technologies.With the help of skilled personnel and the guidance of technician   everyone operated methodical step by step. Ultimately successful completed the task successfully.     


The training not only to deepen the understanding of infrared beam detector and fence in everyone’s mind,but also enhancing our practical ability.
Especially for online business and technical staff,it will be a high significance and mobilize the enthusiasm of everyone.

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