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Intelligent Alarm Control Panel
AL-238P series
Details   Parameter    
Support multiple versions (TCP/IP, GPRS, 485, LoRa, etc., optional)
Support intelligent voice prompt, arming/disarming, programming, alarm voice broadcast.
Support telephone remote propaganda, monitoring and two-way intercom function.
Zone Property
Up to 40 zones can be connected: there are 8 wired zones, and 40 wired zones can be extended through 485 expansion module;Up to 40 433MHz or LoRa wireless protection zones can be extended.
Input and output
1.The controller itself supports 2 programmable PGM outputs and 1 active alarm output.Each programmable PGM output supports 200mA current, PGM output supports arm linkage, alarm linkage, remote control, etc.
2. DC13.8V power input;1 set of auxiliary power output (maximum 500mA);1 set of standby battery interface (AC/DC automatic switching, low voltage can be identified and reported to the center).
Alarm mode
Support keypad local alarm, support up to 8 keypads;
Support 1 GPRS center and 2 IP center management platforms to alarms;
Support RS232 interface, can access 232 serial printer, achieve real-time alarm printing;
Support 8 groups of SMS and 8 groups of telephone alarm number, support phone and SMS remote arm and disarm, SMS number arm and disarm limits can be set;
Support WeChat alarm, WeChat public number can remote arming and disarming, WeChat alarm limits can be set;
Linkage equipment
40 relay outputs are extended through 485, which can be used as linkage output, linkage zones and properties can be programmed.
Modular design
Modular design, the circuit board contains LoRa module interface, IP module interface, GPRS module interface, users can choose it.
Black box function
The system supports the black box function, which can save 6000 recent alarm records and operation records respectively.
Arming/Disarming mode
It supports multiple modes of arming and disarming , such as going out arming , compulsory arming, staying behind arming, and rapid arming.
Support 6 groups of scheduled arming and disarming function, support Monday to Sunday optional;
Support SMS, phone, local keypad and remote control remote arming and disarming;
Support the center platform, WeChat public number arming and disarming.
1. Maximum support of 40 zones, 16 groups of 433MHz remote control: with 8 wired zones and 32 wireless zones, 32 wired zones can be extended through RS-485.
2 With 2 programmable output and an alarm output.Can be extended to 40 programmable linkage relay outputs through RS-485,
3. It support 6 groups of scheduled arming and disarming function, support Monday to Sunday optional;
The system is equipped with clock chip, and the power failure time continues to run.
4. Support 1 administrator password and 1 programming password, 1 group of hijacked passwords, 16 user passwords, and 40 arming/disarming passwords.
5. Support access to 1 GPRS center, 3 call centers, and 8 SMS and telephone alarm Numbers.Through the alarm phone and SMS, the user can receive the alarm information, or the host can control the process.
6. Support contact ID protocol PSTN protocol communication, telephone multiplexing and 500 CID cache report .
7.The system supports the black box function, which can save the latest 6000 records, alarm records and operation records respectively.Support access to RS232 serial printer to realize real-time alarm printing.
8.Voice navigation broadcast in the whole programming operation.

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AL-238P series
Intelligent Alarm Control Panel
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